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Our Approach

The firm was founded on the principle that a small company could offer hands on approach by building a relationship with several  'would-be sellers' and 'potential buyers' over the years keeping them informed of the market, studying closely of their needs, persistently and patiently staying in touch until a need for our services emerge stemming from desire to cash out, to sell partially or wholly or to partner with a private equity firm who buys either a minority or majority stake in the company allowing the seller to take some 'chips' off the table while continuing operating his/her business until the private equity buyer decides to exit by selling it usually to a strategic buyer leaving the seller to benefit from the sale a second time or commonly-known as 'second bite at the apple'. What sets the firm apart from most other investment banks or intermediaries is that it operates solely on a confidential basis of any transactions without publicizing or broadcasting the sale before or after closing. The firm works closely with a seller who wishes to be tight-lipped about his decision to sell the business and at the same time the firm seeks a buyer; strategic or financial, while respecting the seller's wishes of confidentiality. The firm is fairly well-known in the food & beverage industry working diligently with both buyers and sellers to achieve their objectives on a long-term or short-term basis.

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